[transmediale] SINE WAVE ORCHESTRA call for entries

stefan riekeles sr at transmediale.de
Do Feb 3 11:21:57 CET 2005


The SINE WAVE ORCHESTRA pursue sound phenomena by interpolating varying sine
wave frequencies within unique live performances as site specific public
events, experiments and movements by also welcoming sine waves injected by
an unlimited number of participants. Selected performances include The SINE
WAVE ORCHESTRA (Tama Art University, 2002), "The SINE WAVE ORCHESTRA Static"
(installation, Tokyo Designers Block, 2003), "The Stairway of The SINE WAVE
ORCHESTRA" (NTT InterCommunication Center, 2004), "The SINE WAVE ORCHESTRA
picnic in Linz" (Donaupark, independently performed beside Ars Electronica,
2004), "The Garden of SINE WAVE ORCHESTRA" (sonarsound Tokyo 2004), "The
SINE WAVE ORCHESTRA district" (DEAF04, Netherland, 2004). Received honorary
mention of Prix Ars Electronica, category Digital Music in 2004.
This project is founded by Ken Furudate, Daisuke Ishida (based in Berlin),
Kazuhiro Jo and Mizuki Noguchi in 2002.


Call for participants!!

We welcome anybody who can produce a sine wave.
Please bring your sine wave!!

The performance of this orchestra is carried out in a place with all the
participants concurrently.
Each participant plays according to the rule described below.
And sometime, we will make some instructions with video projector.



* Please bring your instrument or equipment which produce a sine wave(e.g.
Laptop computer, Tuning fork, etc...)
     - There is no P.A. You have to make your sine wave with your own
     - Please set your volume of a sine wave about same as the one people
talk in.
     - A built-in speaker may be used only in case you use PC.

* You can use only sine wave which is not distorted or filterd, modulated.
* We set no limit to the frequency of a sine wave.
* Please use built-in power supply if you can.(There are a few power supply
in venue)