Kein Betreff

Fr Okt 19 17:38:38 CEST 2007

seeming hopelessness; breakdown and new departures lie close to one another.
DER OPTIONIST 4:30, Frank Westermeyer, Sylvie Boisseau (de) | DÍA 18:00, Nicole
Rademacher (us) | TUNED 14:00, Oliver Pietsch (de) | MADWOMAN 2:23, Kristin
Scheving (uk) | SKARRO 10:19, FAF (es) | A QUIET MOMENT WITH RICHARD 6:30,
Matthew Etches (ca) | LIVING A BEAUTIFUL LIFE 13:00, Corinna Schnitt (de)

Screening: transit spaces
Mon 7.2. 18 hrs
Transit spaces can prove to be difficult obstacles. Once overcome, they may be
marked by isolation and uprootedness. The traveller explores these places and
attempts to decipher their signs and immanent reference points.
BORDERFRIENDLY 10:00, Marco Bruzzone (it) | ALL WHITE PEOPLE ARE FRENCH 12:00,
Katja Straub (de) | EATING GRASS 22:30, Alia Syed (uk) | THEMES 28:24, Dan
Boord, Luis Valdovino (us)

Screening: distant meetings
Tue 8.2. 17 hrs
Areas and people, moments of coming together and then drifting apart. Directions
and routes cross one another in the constant and sometimes poetic question of
chance and necessity.
KLIPPER 5:20, Elmar Vestner (de) | 18.000 DEAD IN GORDON HEAD 13:00, Clive
Holden (ca) | SHE UNDER A SHERRINGTON TREE 8:25, Nicolas Bernier, Delphine
Measroch (ca) | DIGITALSNAPSHOT 4:30, Daniel Lo lacono (de) | YAWNING VOID
12:00, Holger Mader (de) | TOKYO DRIVER CARESS 11:32, Stef & Selene Kolman in
co-operation with Stijn van Santen (nl) | ROSEMARIE 7:56, Marc Comes (de/fr) |
(OHNE TITEL) 3:00, Johann Lurf (at)

Screening: extended landscapes
Tue 8.2. 19 hrs
Personal memories dissolve and are continually rejoined. Interpretations of
constructed time and space scenarios are as much written into the character of
the extended landscape, as they can be reflected in the clash of communication
and cultures, allowing for fresh perspectives.
PDX_01 7:31, NomIg. (ca) | BIOLOGICAL NARRATIVE 1 THRU 5 9:13, Timothy Weaver
(us)| SKYWRITING 13:45, Neil Boynton, Emma Rose (uk) | RECONSTRUCTION 6:30,
Lina Selander (se) | HOW TO FIX THE WORLD 28:00, Jacqueline Goss (us)

3. November, a/k/a
Fri 4.2. 17 hrs

NOVEMBER 25:00, Hito Steyerl (de/at)
The starting point for this work is an S-8 feminist martial arts film that Hito
Steyerl made together with Andrea Wolf, a close childhood friend of hers.
Several years later, Andrea ended up being declared an enemy of the state.
Revisiting the film fifteen years later, Hito finds several coincidences
between the fiction represented and reality.

A/K/A MRS. GEORGE GILBERT 31:00, Coco Fusco (us)
a/k/a Mrs. George Gilbert is the story of an FBI agent who confesses his
involvement in the nation-wide search for Angela Davis, the black philosopher
who was fired from UCLA in 1969 at the order of then governor Ronald Reagan,
and in 1970 was placed on the FBI's 'Ten Most Wanted List' after which she went
underground. During the two months that Davis was a fugitive, hundreds, if not
thousands, of other women were incorrectly identified by law enforcement
officials and many were arrested as Miss Davis. Her case culminated in one of
the most famous trials in recent history and she was acquitted of all charges
in 1972.

4. Xeno_Tech, loosing.ctrl

Screening: Xeno_Tech
Fri 4.2. 21 hrs
Xeno_Tech presents video and media artists from Israel, Palestine, India and
Indonesia, who incorporate the influence of (digital) technologies on cultural
representation in their work. The programme shows a broad spectrum of
approaches. 'Planet of the Arabs', 'Dangdut Koplo' and 'Scrolls' reframe images
from mass media and popular spectacle culture. 'Beach Time', 'Identity' and
'Visit Iraq' demystify cultural 'Fremdkoerper' by documenting them, while
'Halte vs Stampbox' and 'Chic Point' intertwine different realities,
appropriating the aesthetics of music video to their own socio-political
situation. In all, these pieces analyse, re-invent and shed a different light
on the image of 'the other'. Curated and presented by Deanna Herst and Nat
Visit Iraq 25:00, Kamal Aljafari (lod) | Chic Point 7:00, Sharif Waked (ps) |
Planet of the Arabs 9:00, Jackie Salloum (us) | Identity Card 6:30, Nurit
Sharett (il) | Scrolls 17:00, Valay Shende (in) | Beach Time 4:00, Krisna Murti
(id) | Ode to Scar 4:00, Anomic Ratrap/Ruangrupa (id) | Dangdut Koplo 4:42,
Martin Kristianto/Ruangrupa (id)

Screening: loosing.ctrl
Sat 5.2. 15 hrs
loosing.ctrl is a joint project that started in 2003, processing actions and
reactions of 'control mechanisms' throughout multiple phases, as a co-operation
of The Israeli Centre for Digital Art in Holon and NOMAD in Istanbul. Within the
first project phase in Istanbul, Platform Contemporary Art Centre hosted a talk
and a screening of videos by Israeli artists. In addition, there were sound-art
performances and a video art series. Curated and presented by Galit Eilat, Eyal
Danon (DAL) and Basak Senova (NOMAD).
Hells Angels 3:50, Dana Levi | Beyond guilt, atonement 7:00, Ruti Sela and
Maayan Amir | Check It 3:22, Effie and Amir | Tuning 2:10, Yael Bartana | Round
up the usual suspects 6:00, Hatice Gueleryuez | Rahat/Dur (Stay/Put) 1:00, Erhan
Muratoglu | March On 4:00, Can Turkinan and Oezlem Sulak | Extracts from
'Restore Hope' 5:00, Selda Asal

5. presents, Timescapes

Screening: presents
Sat 5.2. 13 hrs is the media production of the Centre for Contemporary Art, Sarajevo. encourages students and others to realise their own projects using
digital technology, and provides assistance to artists in creating works in new
media. Apart from its noncommercial projects, also supports commercial
video, audio, web and graphic production in order to accumulate funds for
artistic and educational projects.
This programme is a selection of's work from its founding in 1998 until
today. The selection is made up of different types of videos in order to show
the diversity of their production. Most of the artists are students of the Fine
Arts Academy in Sarajevo. The programme will be introduced by members of
VM 14.50 4:00, Muhidin Tvico 1998 | May I Pee 4:40, Brad Fox 1999 | Silence
4:30, Dzenid Jaganjac 1999 | Incarnation 1:30, Demis Sinancevic 2000 | Ashes to
Ashes 1:00, Timur Stroil & Barbara Peles 2001 | Hardcore 8:00, Muhidin Tvico
2000 | Thailand 9:40, Enes Zlatar, Timur Makarevic 2001 | True Love 6:00, Mirel
Hadzijusufovic 2001 | How do you say cesma 7:30, Katja Soltes & Emir Jelkic 2001
| +- 1:15, Lejla Porobic 2002 | 4775f 3:10, Timur Makarevic, Redzinald Simek,
Enes Huseincehajic 2002 | ORG/vol.4 3:20, Timur Makarevic 2004 | 724659831
5:00, Nedim Zlatar 2004

Screening: Timescapes
Sat 5.2. 17 hrs
TIMESCAPES initiates a process of non-linear editing between authors from
different countries that lie along the 'old' European axis between Berlin and
Istanbul, which dominated the strategies of the political alliances within
Europe before World War I. We call this geographical territory, which is
becoming a memorical territory, the 'B-zone'. The project visualises the
becoming of a story about the collective memory of the people within the
B-zone. It shows psychological landscapes which create audio-visual landscapes
when specific shooting techniques and a specific type of postproduction is
employed. The (digital) logics of weaving in this non-linear editing process
can unfold.
TIMESCAPES is a non-linear video editing project by Angela Melitopoulos and
VIDEA (Media collective Ankara), Dragana Zarevac and Freddy Viannelis. It is
also a social film-net because each author is allied to a producer and both are
agents of the entire project and can take part in the activities of all the
other authors. Angela Melitopoulos, initiator of TIMESCAPES, will together with
a member of VIDEA talk about the 'work in progress' of the authors and present
video excerpts from the project.

6. The Creators of Shopping Worlds
Harun Farocki, 2001
Sun 6.2. 15 hrs
German version with English subtitles

Shopping is an everyday cultural act; it is inevitable, taken for granted.
Entering into the world of shopping – the world of shopping malls – can be a
Dantean voyage into hell or a redeeming ceremony of Communion. Everyone is
familiar with this experience and knows what a mall looks like. This
self-evident phenomenon is, however, the result of a highly complex process.
The designing of shopping malls is overseen by an army of planners, managers
and scientists: there are consultants, re-launch analysts, a central
association, mall magazines. 6000 guests and laboratories attended an annual
convention in Las Vegas at which such questions were investigated as to where
the gaze of the customer falls and how a 'spontaneous' purchase can be induced.
Farocki shows how mall producers look at malls when they want to find out, for
example, how passers-by move, where they stop and where they reach for a
product. He adds these images to the everyday ones – and gives them a magical
charge. (Antje Ehmann)

7. Artur Zmijewski
Tue 8.2. 15 hrs

Artur Zmijewski works as a photo and video artist. The motives for his work is
often people with exceptional circumstances, such as the physically challenged.
He integrates real situations into his work and draws on both the banal and
extreme aspects of everyday life in his respective pieces. – Zmijewski will
represent Poland at the 51st Venice Biennial 2005. In co-operation with Foksal
GalleryFoundation Warsaw and the Polish Institute in Berlin.
SINGING LESSON I, 2001 14:00 - A work about deaf children learning to sing a
fragment of the Kyrie from the Polish Mass.
KR WP, 2000 7:30 - Former soldiers perform their precision manoeuvres to
marching songs. They also humorously demonstrate that men in uniform are, under
their uniforms, just men after all.
AN EYE FOR AN EYE, 1998 10:00 - The work depicts disabled people and healthy
ones, a physically fit young woman who lends a disabled man her fingers to wash
his body, and two men climbing stairs and walking together as one being.
ME & AIDS, 1996 3:30 - A metaphor of two human beings meeting in a reality in
which Aids is hard to ignore. Each temptation given into can have a
catastrophic result.
PIELGRZYMKA, 2003 29:30 (Artur Zmijewski & Pawel Althamer) - A group of Polish
Catholics on their pilgrimage in the holy land. A journey focused on faith,
which takes no note of the secular reality of contemporary Israel.
NA SPACER, 2001 9:00 - 'This is a film about failure. No miracle happens,
Lazarus does not rise from the dead. The completely exhausted animators seat
the helpless bodies in wheelchairs and they freeze in immobility again.' (az)

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