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selection programmes, one with international and one with German
video works. Both are available for screenings by institutions and
event organisers.

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2. Video art from Germany - a VideoFest/transmediale Retrospective

This video programme contains only works that origin from the
transmediale, former VideoFest, Competition and that were produced in

The VideoFest had its premiere in 1988 in Berlin but since has grown to
an internationally renowned forum for the artistic video. Whilst in the
first years of its existence the German video productions outnumbered
largely the international submissions that were shown in the festival's
programme, this relation shifted in favour of productions from abroad in
the last years.
The artists contributing to this programme selection are protagonists
of video art and have moulded its development in Germany through
their individual style.

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3. Bandbreite. Medien zwischen Kunst und Politik

On the occasion of the festival, a German-language book was published:
'Bandbreite. Medien zwischen Kunst und Politik' (Kulturverlag Kadmos
Berlin, 2004, eds. Andreas Broeckmann and Rudolf Frieling). This book is
dedicated to Micky Kwella, who was a co-founder and long-time director
of transmediale and suddenly and unexpectedly died on 7 February 2003.
It contains 21 texts which describe different aspects of the historical
context of his work, spanning from art to independent media initiatives.

With texts by:
Simon Biggs, Andreas Broeckmann, Robert Cahen, Dieter Daniels, Timothy
Druckrey, Anne-Marie Duguet, Jeanne C. Finley, Rudolf Frieling, Jochen
Gerz, Wulf Herzogenrath, Susanne Jaschko, Dietrich Leder, Henning
Lohner, Eckart Lottmann, Geert Lovink, Jose-Carlos Mariategui, Michael
Maziere, Heinz Nigg, Keiko Sei, Alba D'Urbano, Peter Weibel, Siegfried

Original language versions of individual texts from the book and more
text contributions on this occasion from friends and colleagues which
are not in the print version are availble online at

Kulturverlag Kadmos Berlin
160 Seiten, broschiert
ISBN 3-931659-65-8
EUR 19.90

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