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Mo Feb 6 10:17:49 CET 2006

TODAY - transmediale.06 - Reality Addicts - TODAY

Today, Monday 6 Feb, transmediale is ***presenting the nominees*** of
the award competition in a special session from 13.00 - 16.00 hrs in
the Auditorium at Akademie der Kuenste (Hanseatenweg). Free tickets

The awards will be announced in a festive ***awards ceremony*** at
20.00 hrs, followed by a big reception with the winners.

During the reception, Dick el Demasiado y Sus Exagerados from Buenos
Aires will play their first Live-Set in Germany: LIVING IN SPLENDID
WHIRLPOOLS (21:30 hrs)


Akademie der Kuenste (Hanseatenweg), Salon
6 February 2006, 21:30 hrs
(entrance to the Salon area is free)

"How exactly can carefully applied distortion serve humanity? We will
see how an absolute creation inflicted its will on the maker, and
how, as a result of this, many make a profit from the phenomenon."
Dick el Demasiado, inventor of the Cumbias Experimentales and
shooting star of the Argentinian radical folk pop scene, takes a deep
and fresh look at our strange world.



Ultima Noticia ! Stop The Presses ! UNESCO-TIP of the week.
Because your second name doesn't start with the letter K you have
been chosen as a possible interested soft-target.

Rooster and awakener of the Cumbias Experimentales and Lunaticas is
here, and we can touch him, in BERLIN.
Yes, Dick El Demasiado, inventor of the Cumbias Experimentales and
shooting star of the Argentinian radical folk pop scene, takes a deep
and fresh look at our strange world.
And what is stranger, his manager offers his songs for free on the net !

With two shows in transmediale-Berlin: one at the transmediale.06
Festival and another one at the club transmediale - this first formal
working visit of Dick El Demasiado in Germany is a flashing start.
And he has finished, just in time for the festival, his 4th cd SIN PUES NADA !
It is the best latino music for people who don't understand spanish,
because this time it is mostly instrumental.
But...did you know his first cd ? his second ? his third ? No !
Nobody, besides for instance Señor Coconut, who recently included him
in a high-pedigree compilation of South American Sensual Noise.
After playing in Argentinian football-programs and in squatted
synagogues of Buenos Aires he lately specializes in inaugurating
festivals (Transitio.mx, Mexico), performing with kids (Garage-G and
Buenos Aires)
and playing for people with a good taste.
His manager is so proud and studied marketing so thoroughly that he
offers the whole, entire, unrestricted playlist of his first cd NO
NOS DEJAMOS AFEITAR for free (and he isn't the Nigerian minister who
always sends you auction and investment-mails).
You don't need to fill in forms, or reveal e-mail addresses of your
friends, just go to

http://www.periferico.org/dickeldemasiado and pinch the
pop-up, specially hanging there for this special "Ze German Ocasion"

Don't wait too long.
"When the door is open, I don't need the key" Karaman Bundi Flarr


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