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Di Jun 7 16:08:18 CEST 2005

Newsletter vom 7.6.2005

Photo-Dokumentation transmediale.05 ist online

Die Fotodokumentation der transmediale.05 von Jonathan Groeger ist nun online

The photo documentation of transmediale.05 by Jonathan Groeger is online at:


Bestellungen und Informationen / Orders and information:

Jonathan Groeger
+49(0)160 66 711 37
jd at gate111.com


RAW DATA Installation by visomat.inc continues

The Installation RAW DATA by the Berlin based collective visomat inc.
shows the machine-like character of a modern-day office building. RAW
DATA also allows this machine to interact with its environment. The
Installation plays with traces left behind by the building, users of
the building, and the urban surroundings; making this data accessible
through various visualisations. One finds RAW DATA broadcasting the
immediate enviroment as a black and white picture, filmed by three
installed cameras and transformed into ASCII-Code - the original code
of machine communication.

Activating the installation starts with a toll free call to the
number 0800-RAWDATA (0800-7293282); first, a sign-board displays the
conditions: Climate, Energy, Communication, Motion and Noise. Then,
every condition can individually be expanded and different data from
the building and its enviroment is broadcast on different screens.
After this screening, one can choose the next condition, using his
mobile phone as a remote control. The data is put into graphs and
tables and presented on large displays close to the pavement. In this
installation, the blue-colored condition - Climate, shows the current
temperature inside the building, and the green-colored condition -
Communication, shows the accumulated amount of outgoing e-mails.
Parallel to this, a second display shows data from outside:
temperature and humidity. Bluetooth devices nearby will be displayed
on the Communication table.

Also, the silver screens above the entrance door, and projections
inside the building, show relevant video to support the given graphs
and tables. These videos fit in the color range of the conditions,
thus the whole building appears in one dominate color range. The
content of these videos deals with the building itself and allows an
inside view of the SAP headquarters. Arranged with icons and
grid-pattern graphics, RAW DATA generates a literal articulation of
data from the building, the enviroment, and its use, and offers it to
the public. The media/data architecture initiates an opening of the
building, dissolving the barrier between indoors and outdoors. This
installation requires passers-by and visitors to read these
representations and to interact with the building.

RAW DATA was curated by transmediale in close connection with SAP to
offer a media art platform for presentation and exchange in Berlin.

Visit the installation at

Rosenthaler Str. 30 / U-Weinmeisterstr.
10178 Berlin


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