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Fr Feb 11 22:43:45 CET 2005

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festival for electronic music and related visual arts


04. Feb. - 12. Feb. 2005 | Maria am Ostbahnhof | Berlin


[1] Friday 11.2.: THE BIG FAT RUMBLE

[2] Saturday 12.2.: FUNK BLENDERS

[3] „MR CATRA O FIEL – Mr Catra The Faithful“




[1] Friday 11/02/2005 : Doors 21.00


T.raumschmiere (DE)
Sid Le Rock (CA)
Jake Fairley (CA)
Les Georges Leningrad (CA/QC)
ASCII.Disko (DE)
Mr. Freeze (DE)
Video: News (NL)


Harald me. Viuff (DK)
--bB (DK)
Jacob Kirkegaard & Thor Magnusson (DK/IS)
Pixel (DK) / --bB (DK/SE/AT)
Hansen & Dj Daniel (DK)

MAO Lounge

// Images d'ameublement
G.L.N (CA) „Spaceship Earth“, 2004


[2] Saturday 12/02/2005 : Doors 21.00


MAO Main Hall


Mad Professor (UK)
DJ/Rupture (ES/US)
DJ Marlboro (BR)
Crackhaus (CA/QC)
Deadbeat (CA/QC)
DJ Boffa (BR)
Video: Dekam (US)

MAO Second Hall


Son of Clay (SE)
The Renegades Of The Game Boxen (SE/AT)
Planningtorock (UK)
Heidi Mortenson (DK)
Gegen Hz (NO)
Ulf Eriksson (SE)
Video: VJ Kontroll.er (SE)
VJ Telematique (DE)


// Screening
Andreas Johnsen (DK) „MR CATRA O FIEL – Mr Catra The Faithful“, 2005

MAO Lounge

// Images d'ameublement
Remco Schuurbiers (NL) „Nanuq Express “, 2004/05


[3] „MR CATRA O FIEL – Mr Catra The Faithful“  Duration 59:45

Danish filmmaker Andreas Johnsen has created the first documentary about
Baile Funk: a remarkable form of music developed in the shantytowns of
Rio de Janeiro. For the millions of people residing in the favelas and
periferia of Rio, Mr Catra is the biggest star of Baile Funk.

Backed by a massive sound inferno of peak-volume bass and beats,
Mr Catra sings about life in the favelas, about the ongoing wars with
other criminal gangs and the military police, about sex and about
hope for the future. Baile Funk is programmed on cheap equipment with
powerful impact.
It cannibalizes the lo-bit-sound and simplistic beatprogramming of
early electro and hip-hop, the bootyshaking crudeness of miami bass,
the syncopated energy and melodic sensuality of brazilian samba, and
it with harsh sounding, yet rhythmically refined portuguese raps.

Mr Catra’s lyrics are so explicit that the Brazilian police have coined
the term Funk Proibido and have outlawed this particular genre of Baile
According to Mr Catra, however, his music is only reflecting the reality of
the favelas.

Mr Catra calls himself O Fiel, The Faithful, and he is indeed very faithful,
in his own way, to God and to his facção, Comando Vermelho,
the most powerful criminal organization in Brazil.

Mr Catra, 36 years of age, is no longer actively engaged in criminal
Instead, he leads a hectic family life with his “wives” (the mothers of his
nine children),
and a dozen steady girlfriends, all of whom he struggles to support through
Baile Funk.

This film offers you an insight into a unique part of Rio de Janeiro that
the official Brazilian society abstains from acknowledging. Poverty-ridden
and druglord-controlled, the favelas, for the most part,
are totally inaccessible to cameras. This film is the exception.

>  http://rosforth.com



// Space as an instrument
// 11. –12.02.

Two days of performances that concentrate on the spatial distribution
of sound by utilizing the ambisonic sound system Ambiunix.
Ambiunix is a multi-channel sound system that has been developed by
Komponent –
Scene for Electronic Activity, a project initiated and hosted by Copenhagen’
LAB organisation.

In addition to the control of tonal characteristics,
the Ambiunix-system gives musicians control over the spatial behaviour of
While traditional PA-Systems give only limited opportunities to distribute
mono-dimensionally between two or four speakers – e.g. pan between “right”
and “left” –,
Ambiunix supports concepts such as “direction”, “elevation”, “rotation”,
“point” and “width” of sound incidents. The system is made of a central
distribution unit
and numerous separate active loudspeakers surrounding the audience.
The speakers are coupled to form one single sound source that can be
manipulated by musicians.
The musician's interaction with the system is the same as with any
or other electronic instrument. Basically, the musician is able to produce
or more signals containing the same information on sound as for a
traditional PA-system.
But in addition, information on space is sent via MIDI, buttons, keyboard
mouse, roller ball, pedals, VR headsets and the like. Musicians can control
various parameters,
define which loudspeaker receives which signal, set delay times and filter
individual signals –
thus creating stunning dynamic spatial sound effects.

Komponent maintains a platform for electronic activity across institutional
and professional
boundaries in an informal and progressive environment. Komponent focusses
on the intersection of technological, artistic and theoretical activities.

>  www.komponent.dk
>  http://ambiunix.komponent.dk/
>  http://lab.107b.dk/



Day-Ticket: 15.- EUR

No advance sale of CTM-day tickets. These are available only on the
respective night at Maria am Ostbahnhof


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