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Einige aktuelle Informationen ueber das Programm der transmediale.04:

Here are some late UPDATES on the transmediale.04 programme:

Newsletter / UPDATES - 29.1.2004

1. EXODUS / Kodwo Eshun replaces 'Bifo' Berardi
2. FUTURE AS IT WAS screening / incl. OTOLITH
4. OPENING / with Peter Weibel
6. REBOOT.FM start
7. C-BASE PRIMETIME / the full programme

1. EXODUS / Kodwo Eshun replaces 'Bifo' Berardi

Unfortunately, 'Bifo' Berardi had to cancel his participation in the
Exodus conference panel due to health reasons. At short notice, the
culture and music critic Kodwo Eshun has agreed to join Eric Davis on
the panel which will be moderated by Joanne Richardson.

Monday 2.2. 14.30-16.30 hrs

2. FUTURE AS IT WAS screening / incl. OTOLITH

The video screening programme 'The Future As It Was' will not only
contain a selection from the Prelinger Archives, taking a critical
look at mid-20th-century utopian promises and persuasions as
dramatized in industrial and advertising films released between 1936
and 1965.

Additionally, we will be screening:

OTOLITH 22mins
A digital Video installation by The Otolith Group
Anjalika Sagar, Kodwo Eshun, Richard Couzins

OTOLITH is a meditation on the anti war struggle, Indian modernism
and its connection to Russian socialism, and weightlessness as a
metaphor for political disorientation.

Sci-art has historically approached microgravity as a space of experiential
self-absorption. The contemporary moment renders this approach redundant and
calls for experimental procedures that link the microcosm of microgravity to
current geopolitical crisis. THE OTOLITH GROUP uses the form of the essay
film to test the hypothesis that agravic space-time may be reconceived as a
temporary heterotopia for concentrating the apprehension of disorientation
that accompanies global crisis. Through their understanding of microgravity
as a field of forces that immerses and extends subjectivity, the GROUP
proposes that the navigation of the agravic field allows the awareness of
the groundless systems that support the Era of the Pre-emptive Nuclear

Tuesday 3.2. 16.00-18.00 hrs


As a teaser for the urban drifters in Berlin-Mitte, a short preview
video selection from the transmediale programme will be running in an
office front at Hackescher Markt every night throughout the festival.
- Powered by serve-u.de, hosted by VIVAmodels.

4. OPENING / with Peter Weibel

Fridays's opening of transmediale.04 is set to become a crowded
affair, so we have to warn people who do not have an invitation card
that, due to fire regulations, we may have to turn away people who do
not hold an invitation card. This is unfortunate, but we are
not aloud to let more than 1500 people into the building... Our
advice: drop in after 22.00 hrs...

The opening will be conducted in the presence of Dr. Christina Weiss,
the Federal Commissioner for Cultural and Media Affairs.
Additionally, we are expecting Peter Weibel, media art pioneer and
director of the ZKM in Karlsruhe, who will be giving a short address
on the utopian potentials of art and technology.


Workshop: Medienkultur als Soziokultur
am 4. Februar 2004 um 15 Uhr im Haus der Kulturen der Welt
Einritt frei

Wie gross ist die Schnittmenge zwischen Medienkultur und Soziokultur
wirklich? Wie kann man Laien und ein jugendliches Publikum an
Medienkunst und -kultur heranfuehren?
Mit der Media Lounge und dem Fly Utopia! Workspace stellt die
transmediale.04 ein Konzept vor, das sich vor allem an ein junges
Publikum richtet und eine offene und partizipative Plattform fuer die
Vermittlung von Medienkunst und -Kultur darstellt.
Ziel des Konzeptes, das Modellcharakter besitzt, ist, ein breites
Publikum sowohl in aktivistische und kuenstlerische Medien-Projekte
zu involvieren als auch neue Formen der Wissensvermittlung zu
erproben. Das Projekt wird vom Fonds Soziokultur e.V. unterstuetzt
und wurde fuer den Innovationspreis Soziokultur nominiert.
Im Workshop stellen die Organisatoren die Konzeption der Media Lounge
und des Workspace vor und sprechen mit den beteiligten
(Künstler-)Gruppen ueber über ihre Erfahrungen in der Vorbereitung
und Durchfuehrung.

6. REBOOT.FM start

((O))   r e b o o t . f m  1 0 4 . 1  b e r l i n

please join the boot sequence of reboot.fm 104.1:
saturday january 31 11pm bootlab ziegelstrasse 20
berlin: s oranienburger str / u oranienburger tor
cheap drinks + cheap music + cheap computer games
we should be up and running by midnight. expected
uptime: 90 days 09 hours. our opening ends early,
our suggestion for later is to go to maria / club
transmediale. see you, & don't forget your radio!

w w w . r e b o o t . f m  1 0 4 . 1  b e r l i n
m o r e  b e t t e r  f r e e  o p e n  r a d i o
f e b  1  -  a p r  3 0  /  1 2  p m  -  0 6  a m



c-base @ transmediale.04 "Fly Utopia!"
Thursday, 29  January to Friday, 6 February, 2004
8:15 pm

Each evening from 20:15 on, PRIMETIME presents installations,
exhibitions, theme nights, and workshops along with Wave-Lan and
other conveniences in the unique c-lounge atmosphere of the
"multimodulstation rs20". The ideal stopover on the way to club
transmediale. No more waiting for departure to utopia.

be future compatible -- fly utopia!


[Thursday, 29 January]

In July 2003, the "c-base reconstruction project" entered phase 3. At
the PRIMETIME Opening the first steps of implementation of cbrp3 are
publicly on display. Background information, history and design
concept of the project.
Alexander Last, cryptor, Marten Suhr, urbitect, c-base e.V.

In the progressive transformation of society, transitional stages
claim an increasing proportion of our lifetime. Architecture has
explored start- and endpoints of paths throughly, but only a few
people have studied the space created by mobility. For the
installation "pirated spaces -- informal architecture" (Berlin), the
"gocji" project analysed urban mobility and communication using the
social sculpture of the "gocji" monolith. Inspired by the japanese
transformer robots, this installation transforms from a deceptively
simple plywood box into a wonderful futuristic-deconstrucivist coffee
bar, loungescape and confessional -- changing daily to meet the needs
of the guests of PRIMETIME. Markus Bader, BTU Cottbus

Ausgewaehlte Arbeiten von Absolventen des Studiengangs
'Experimentelle Mediengestaltung -- Gestaltung mit digitalen Medien'
der UdK Berlin (Kurator: Ulrich von Zadow mit freundlicher
Unterstuetzung durch Prof. Joachim Sauter).
Stephan Huber, digital mind, "Eine Welt der Wahrheiten" --
interaktives 3D-Dokumentations-Environment zum Thema
Rechtsextremismus (www.digitalmind.de)
Jakob Lehr, MYHD.org, "Sexels" (www.myhd.org)
Dennis Paul, "simthing" -- Untersuchung zur Darstellung von
Information anhand von Mobiltelefonbuechern" (www.simthing.org)

[Fryday, 30 January]
PERRY RHODAN author Frank Boehmert reads from his latest novel "Die
Traumkapseln" ("Dreaming Capsules") and will discuss the utopian
aspects of the series with Dr. Dierk Spreen, University of Paderborn,
and Gregor Sedalg of c-base e.V. Taking into account the issues of
"hyperspace impedance", the cosmological "onion skin model",
"immortality" and the "cosmic destination of mankind". The
media-technological utopic ideas, which have been featured by the
PERRY RHODAN series (i.e. the viral world-enslavement of the
terranean mankind by cosmocratic Vishna, the global "Simusense"
interconnectedness under Monos' reign, or the extraterrestrial "Net
of the Nonggo"), will be also determined on behalf of their salvation
promises. Why do all attempts to create a great vision of a future
society have to fail in PERRY RHODAN? Is there a certain utopianist
impact on the PERRY RHODAN fandom to change their real-world
conditions of life, work and society? With the kind assistance of the
Archiv der Jugendkulturen, Berlin. (www.jugendkulturen.de).

[Saturday, 31 January]
May I have another utopia? -- Which kind of utopia do you like? The
quests of km 21.0: Understanding capitalism. Is there an alternative?
Is it the internet? Is the globe evolving to a technosphere? Is the
globalisation to hot to handle? Is utopia out of date? What can
today's  political activism come up to? Do human beeings share the
same dreams? What do we know anyway? Can we make the world a better
Lecture and Discussion with the participation of Niels Boeing, Franz
Công Bùi e.a.
(www.km 21.org)

[Sunday, 1 February]
The "SF-Politniks" from Berlin have invited Dietmar Dath, Frankfurter
Allgemeine Zeitung: "We don't want to be proleptive. Things we are
talkin about aren't consistently big things. [...] That no other
person could have written them -- at least not anybody of our times
-- you will just have to take it from me, I cannot prove it at any
rate. (Citation: Dietmar Dath: "Dreizehn Möglichkeiten, eine Amsel zu
ignorieren" ["Thirteen Options to disregard a Merle"], Berlin 2000)
"Don't Panic!" is the complement of the spacecraft "Hybridity I",
roaming the discourse universe to scrutinise unknown life forms and
to enter into new relationships. The mission: To Boldly Explore the
Universe of Science Fiction & Politics. (www.hybridity.net)

[Monday, 2 February]
The initial dorkbot.bln meeting feat. Saul Albert, Twenteenth Century
(London) and Alex Mc Lean, Art-Coder (London) plus opendork
presentations. Hosted by Tim Pritlove, Discordian Evangelist, Chaos
Computer Club Berlin presenting blinkenlights and its follow-ups.

[Tuesday, 3 February]
BerlinBackBone is a independent self-organising initiative of
Berlin's e-cultura and the Wavelan groups. The project's idea is to
provide a network infrastructure for the independent cultural
institutions and free projects by Wireless Lan technologies
(802.11b/g/a), to promote new forms of cooperation and knowledge
exchange. The first participants are bootlab, c-base, Maria am Ufer
(club transmediale) and Tacheles. Those four institutions are now
able to share services (Streaming/Voice-over-IP, c-tools) and to
communicate without boundaries to almost no-budget conditions. At the
same time BerlinBackBone is a experimental playground of networking
people and freecasters, which are sharing fun and interests on the
free side of the net.
Basic Workshop: "It depends on...!" (Starting 6 pm; limited number of
Lecture: "Just do it!" (8:15 pm)
Panel: "Advanced Strategies" (9 pm)
Subsequent to the panel and the workshop there will be room for a
round table talk with all visitors and participants about the utopian
and the more down-to-earth perspectives for those networks.
Sven Wagner & Cornelius Keller, BerlinBackBone, e.a.

[Wednesday, 4 February]
The "Boundaries to Bridges" Tour and the Freakfrachters considered as
examples of living utopia. Empiric reports & psychotechnical
installations presented by Memenet and the Institute of Nomadology.
Travelling is an elusive non-locality of so many aspirations, dreams
and hopes. On the road you are assimilating special vibes. Different
ease and leisure are unfolding off the beaten tracks. In an ideal
case the traveler is complied to an utopian mean -- neither
captivated in the place which has been already left, nor entirely
absorbed by the new sites and contexts. In this interspace he is so
more open-minded towards unattended encounters -- and the whole
world. This ambiance shall be evoked in the NOMADiCAMP by the means
of transmedial as transpersonal installations.
The Memenet and the Institute of Nomadologie are extending an
invitation to join the establishing of a temporary autonomous zone.
Visitors of the NOMADiCAMPs are kindly requested to bring along their
"Reise(t)raeume" (if available): Travel documentations of all kinds
-- photos, video, etc. -- are desired and will be included to the

Gemeinsamer Aufbau des NOMADiCAMPs schon ab 14:00
Vorträge & Performances ab 20:15
Mark Butler, Andre Nunes, Stephan Karpischek, e.a.

[Tuesday, 5 February]
>From text-based MUD to a MOO, a ''multi-user dungeon,
object-orientated''; and beyond -- into the real control systems of
the space station underneath the city of Berlin. c-base development
crew of t, boggle, coder, harle, knuckles, macro, and mat is
presenting the state of development of the c-beam operating system'.
They will dispute the development process, engaged technologies and
user interfaces of baseOS. In an open discourse the baseOS developers
will assign their intentions and targets for the now starting seven
weeks of collective implementation.

[Fryday, 6 February]

Driven by the performer's rotating in the gyroscope, irritated by an
additional virtual axis of an emitting laser projection screen, a new
spatial sense for the surrounding shall be establishedŠ A new
dimension is opening upŠ Simultaneously a radio frequency digicam
will transmit the new visual perspectives to a video beamer. Anna
Gatjal & John Shaw
(www.annagatjal.de )

The PRIMETIME theme nights will be supplemented by workshops,
projections, screenings, and sound systems. For the complete and
updated PRIMETIME schdule see:

c-base @ transmediale.04 "Fly Utopia!"
Thursday, 29 January to Fritday, 6 February, 2004
Every night at 8:15 pm
Contact: Gregor Sedlag (sedlag at c-base.org ), Ulrich von Zadow
(coder at c-base.org)

c-base e.V.
culture communication carbonite
Raumstation unterhalb Berlin
Rungestr. 20, 2. HH
10179 Berlin-Mitte
(U + S Jannowitzbruecke)

Fon: +49 (30) 28 59 93 00


transmediale.04 - Fly Utopia! - 31 jan - 4 feb 2004
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