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international media art festival berlin
1 - 5 February 2003

Call for Entries

Entry form: PDF download from http://www.transmediale.de
Deadline: 8 September 2002

Klosterstraße 68-70 \ 10179 Berlin \ Germany
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transmediale is a festival for art and the creative usage of digital media.
The festival shows new and significant projects of digital culture and
offer reflections about the role of digital technologies in contemporary
society. It is a forum of communication for artists, media workers and a
broad public interested in the arts.

transmediale award

Prizes worth EUR 5,000 will be awarded in each of the three categories
Interaction, Image and Software. The transmediale.03 invites the submission
of artistic projects developed since 2000 in these three fields. The award
winners will be selected by three separate international juries. The award
winning works and others will be invited to transmediale.03 and will be
presented, circumstances permitting, in the exhibition, screenings, the
media lounge or on stage.

INTERACTION > Interactive Systems
The Image category covers artistic productions focusing on human
interaction with and through digital media. Interactive systems consist of
several components which combine to create an artwork that can be
experienced individually or collectively and whose outcome is relatively
open and dependent on the recipient's participation. These can be locally
based systems like installations or performances, as well as open,
networked processes or action. The evaluation of these works hinges on
their reflection of current social and cultural conditions and on the
choice of adequate media and components which articulate the intention of
the project.

IMAGE > linear and non-linear moving images
The category Image includes works that deal with the aesthetics of moving
images and that reflect the role of the image in the age of digital,
interactive and network media. Such works can deal with the transformation
of visual languages and the emerging, non-linear forms of narration, as
well as with innovative forms of presentation and reception and with the
combination of images with sounds and other forms of artistic expression.
Going beyond the by now classical video format, the Image category also
covers projects in areas like video performance, Internet movie or
interactive story telling.

SOFTWARE > Generative Art
The Software category includes projects whose main artistic material is
program code, or which deal with the cultural understanding of Software.
Thus, software is not understood as a functional tool serving the 'real'
artistic work, but as a generative means for the creation of machinic and
social processes. Software art can be the result of an autonomous and
formal creative practice, but it can also refer the cultural and social
meaning of software, or reflect on existing software through strategies
like collage or critique.

Conditions of Entry

Arrival no later than: 8 September 2002

Accepted media: S-VHS and VHS-tapes, Mini-DVs (Pal), DVDs, CD-ROMs, Zip
cartridges, Floppy Discs (3.5), Web-sites. No demo versions - only finished

The evaluation by the jury requires good documentation of submitted works
(especially in the fields of Software and Interaction). Where appropriate,
an explanation should be given as to which aspects of the works the jury
should consider in particular.

Mailing costs will be borne by the entrant. Submissions will be returned on
request only, subject to the following conditions:
- submissions from Germany must have a stamped and self-addressed envelope
- submissions from abroad must have a US $ 10 or EUR 10 bill (cash only)

There will be no insurance cover for the material received. Should a work
be damaged through the fault of the transmediale only the material value
will be reimbursed.

Works submitted must be in German or English or have subtitles in either of
these languages. Works in other languages must be accompanied by a text
list in German
or English.

Customs Declarations
The transmediale will only accept packages from abroad whose customs
declaration forms have been completed correctly. Packages dispatched from
outside the European Union must bear the following information: indication
of the content plus the note "Not for trade - temporary loan for festival.
Value = 0".

Theme: play global!

transmediale.03 deals with the artistic and cultural effects of
globalisation. The competition for the transmediale award is an independent
part of the festival, so that submissions for the competitions can, but do
not have to relate to the festival theme 'play global!'.

Globalisation is a process through which the possibility of world-wide
relations extends across the entire field of social relations. In the
course of this process, we do not only see the expansion of economic,
political and military constellations. The world is turning into a
multi-layered social space for which new cultural concepts have to be
developed in order for individuals and groups to be able to act. Mobile
communication, telematic tools, world-wide collaborative structures and
global political alliances create a new cultural landscape whose rules will
have to be learned and worked on.

'Play global!' is meant as a challenge to artists and creative
practitioners to propose concepts and ideas for this new, global field of
action and interaction. Is there a new artistic language of the global?
What is the relationship between an individual's local existence and his or
her social environment, which is less and less locally determined and which
can today include collaborators, partners and friends working at the other
end of the world?

Obviously, the challenge to participate in the 'global game' is not without
irony. The so-called 'global players', companies and conglomerates, use
their extensive networks and huge masses of capital to transgress national
borders, viewing the entire world as their playground. The festival will
present critical and self-conscious as well as playful responses to this

We therefore invite the submission of concepts, project proposals and
materials relating to the festival theme, independent from the competition.

Hosted by Berliner Kulturveranstaltungs-GmbH
in cooperation with Haus der Kulturen der Welt
Supported by Hauptstadtkulturfonds
Senate of Berlin
and Sponsors
The transmediale.03 award is supported by AVM Computersystems.

transmediale.03 - Play Global! - 1-5 february 2003
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