[transmediale] tm salon: Jordan Crandall, 30 Mai 2002

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Di Mai 28 11:52:39 CEST 2002

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transmediale salon: Jordan Crandall (New York): 'Trigger'

Donnerstag, 30. Mai 2002, 20.00 Uhr

Podewil, Klosterstr.68-70, Berlin-Mitte
Reservierungen: 030-2474 9777
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Eintritt: EUR 5 / 4

in Englischer Sprache.

Der New Yorker Künstler Jordan Crandall hat sich in den letzten Jahren vor
allem durch seine interaktiven und Video-Installationen einen Namen
gemacht, die von Diskursen über Gewalt, Kontrolle und psychologische
Spannung bestimmt sind. Eine dominierende Rolle in Crandalls Arbeit spielen
Militär- und Überwachungstechnologien, die auf ihre kulturelle und
psychologische Wirkung hin untersucht werden. Crandall zeigt exemplarische
Video-Arbeiten und diskutiert seine ästhetischen Strategien im Kontext des
aktuellen, nicht-erklärten globalen Krieges. (siehe auch ausfuehrlicheren
englischen Text, unten)

In Kooperation mit dem Edith-Ruß-Haus für Medienkunst, Oldenburg, das bis
zum 9. Juni Crandalls Ausstellung 'Trigger Project' zeigt.


Naechste Veranstaltung: transmediale salon am 18. Juni 2002
mit der indischen Kunstwissenschaftlerin Nancy Adajania


transmediale salon: Jordan Crandall: Trigger
Thursday, 30 May 2002, 20.00
Podewil, Klosterstr.68-70, Berlin-Mitte, Eintritt: EUR 4/5

(in English)

Crandall will present background notes, storyboards, and structural diagrams
for his new project 'Trigger.'  He will use these materials as tools for
looking at larger cultural issues, particularly those that are fueled by
technologies of combat and control.  Emphasizing the new formats of
representation that arise within contemporary perceptual battlefields,
particularly in the context of the new global 'war on terror,' he will
discuss his aesthetic strategies, positioning them within broader issues of
militarization.  As eye, camera, and weapon combine in new morphologies of
battle, Crandall will emphasize the 'status of the seer' and the changing
constitution of the human as it plays out along spectrums of the manned and

In contrast to more purely technological or economic approaches, Crandall
adopts a military lexicon, but his work is couched within this vocabulary
in a creative and manipulative way.  It points at the flows between
militarization and the organization of self, tool, and culture, as these
play out in a contemporary landscape of power. It deploys new imaging
technologies and control formats that are writ large in the military, in
order to implicate emerging agencies of seeing, whether in terms of
domestic, individual, or self policing. It moves toward a new literacy of
control systems, one that taps into the psychological, interpersonal, and
symbolic dimensions of "armed" conflict and the underrecognized dynamics of
invasion and defense at the level of individuals.  It seeks to understand
how these phenomena are filtered into new logics of representation.


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June 02)